Ocean State Hops is bringing hops back to Rhode Island. Fueled by a passion to cram as many hops into each batch of beer as humanly possible, we decided to start growing our own. And with our recent expansions, we are happy to be able to supply hops to other brewers looking to quench their thirst for hops.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harvest 2011 is here!!

Hurricane or no hurricane, we'll be harvesting this weekend! We're inviting people to the farm this Saturday the 27th to purchase wet hops right off the vines as we pick. Depending on the weather we may have dried hops ready also. With the storm on Sunday we will only have time to pick our Cascades. The Chinook, Newport, and Nuggets won't be far behind though.
Here are the details:
Prices: Wet hops: $1 per ounce
Dried hops: Cascade: $18 per half pound, $30 per pound
Chinook, Newport, Nugget: $18 per half pound, $32 per pound
Location: Ocean State Hops is located at the intersection of James Place and Route 2, just
south of Schartner Farms in Exeter. We'll have signs on Route 2. Call Matt if you get lost: 401-829-6088.
When: Saturday the 27th, 10:00 a.m. until the hurricane hits. If the hurricane miraculously
misses us on Sunday, we'll be open then too. It's not looking promising though.
Any questions email Matt at matt@oceanstatehops.com. Otherwise we'll see you Saturday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Almost time

It's just about harvest time here at Ocean State Hops. We could go on and on about how good everything looks but it's much easier to post some pictures instead. We're about 2 weeks away from harvest, maybe even less. The Cascades and Chinooks should be ready first, followed by Newport, and then Nugget. Don't forget to let us know (matt@oceanstatehops.com) if you're interested in coming by the farm during harvest to pick up some wet hops!