Ocean State Hops is bringing hops back to Rhode Island. Fueled by a passion to cram as many hops into each batch of beer as humanly possible, we decided to start growing our own. And with our recent expansions, we are happy to be able to supply hops to other brewers looking to quench their thirst for hops.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid-Summer Update - July 30, 2009

June and July were two of the wettest months on record in New England (over 10" of rain in July alone!), but the hops didn't seem to mind. Luckily the farm is located on nice glacial outwash deposits so drainage is generally not an issue. And once the sun finally came out at the end of July, the plants really started to take off.

The second and third year plants did fantastic. They reached the top of the trellis and began lateral growth by early July.

Some of the first year plants, Cascade in particular, performed much better than we thought. Others did pretty well, while some really...sucked. This helped us determine which varieties will do well around here though.

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